We're closing the gap between the academy and the industry making advanced predictive drive control a solution for today


Hexadrive Engineering

Electrical Drives & Industry Automation

Our Solutions


Our control algorithms aim to bring in the automation industry an effective alternative to existing software thanks to a proofed performance superiority which has been showcased in several research publications presented in the past years. Our product is backed by the research activities and expertise of the Electrical Drive Laboratory of University of Padua


The numerical methods working at the core of our solutions are strongly optimized becoming suitable for the average industrial micro controller. Using as a benchmark the most prominent commercial software available on the market, our algorithms have shown to hold the same accuracy running in real-time at frequency well above the kHz

General Purpose

Our control framework has been designed to effectively handle the control of power-electronics, therefore being suitable for several applications. Electrical traction machine control for the automotive sector, slow and precise servo motors in the automation industry, grid-connected renewable power-plants are some examples.

About the company

We are a spin-off of the University of Padova born in 2018 from the research works and ideas of two PhD students. We have noticed that the vast majority of the research done on electrical drive controls is confined to academic scope and it is rarely able to reach the industry.

Aware of the potential benefits that could be profited from several sectors, we decided to endorse this challenge trying to close the gap between academy and industry. Therefore, through the entrepreneurship of the founders and the support of the electrical drive laboratory research of the University, after two years the project came to life with Hexadrive Engineering srl. The name of the company comes from the art of controlling a common 3-phases power converter, whose voltage degrees of freedom in the transformed space resemble an hexagon.

In a short time we were able to vastly refine and optimize our numerical methods with the sole scope of targeting the state-of-the-art industrial hardware platforms and we are now ready to offer our software solutions to the industry.

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