Hexadrive Engineering raises $1m in a seed funding round

The fund raise makes the mission of democratizing embedded digital-twin a reality


  • The round led by CDP together with a follow on of Vertis SGR supports the company’s plan of releasing a strong portfolio of products reaching multiple sectors


  • The Italian startup Hexadrive Engineering has already initiated several ambitious projects with international customers in the automotive sectors and automation industry


  • The strong demand of electric vehicles and the born of a flourishing second-hand market drives the need for certifiable software that enables real-time monitoring and health status of traction system components throughout the lifecycle

Hexadrive engineering successfully raises $1m after proven industry demand for its technology. The company was founded in 2020 and after two years has already more than 10 customers a portfolio including international electric powertrain producers.

Hexadrive core technology consists of a software procedure for generating low-code high-performing digital models of electrical drive components, such as electric motors and power electronics. The final result is a portable physical engine running in real-time, monitoring and predicting the magnetic and thermal behavior of the component.

In general, in order to achieve such results, a company would need enormous resources spent on research and prototyping. For this reason, Hexadrive obtained great traction among the industrial partners and later this year the first commercial software will be released: MotorTWEN,  a software for the rapid prototyping of electrical machines digital-twin.

Hexadrive sees also a great opportunity for establishing a new market need, which is the certifiable assessment of the component’s health status. A digital-twin living on-chip for the full life cycle of the powertrain can account for thermal stress and wear of the single parts reporting to the repair shop an estimation of the remaining life before complete deterioration.  


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From now on Hexadrive Engineering will go under the new name of NEWTWEN

Follow the link to be redirected to our newly branded website https://www.newtwen.com/