Hexadrive Engineering officially enters the ST Partner Program

Entering in a strategic partnership with STMicroelectronics may help us to gain trust from the industry


  • The ST Partner Program aims at strengthening the relationships between ST and the third-party companies that participate in the program


  • We are invited to the Embedded World fair in Germany at 21-23 of June to showcase our first real-world application

In the last quarter of 2021, we entered into contact with STMicroelectronics. Our technology has been welcomed with great interest and we agreed to apply our software on their hardware platform as the first real digital twin on-chip application.

In a few months, we achieved successful results and we became the official ST Partner. This is a great opportunity for us, to be able to leverage our products on ST communication channels.

We are going to showcase our first real-world application this summer at the Embedded World fair in Germany. Our digital-twin technology will be applied on an electric motor, which will run on an STM chip in real-time, acting as a soft sensor for monitoring the motor’s temperature in a different part of the machine, including the rotor.

Very exciting time ahead of us!


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From now on Hexadrive Engineering will go under the new name of NEWTWEN

Follow the link to be redirected to our newly branded website https://www.newtwen.com/