VV3TT 2020 POC Program

Proof of Concept Programm 2020: awarded among the most cutting-edge project ideas.


  • Hexadrive Engineering has been selected as one of the finalists of the VV3TT 2020 POC Program among many participants

  • For the first time, the University of Padova has been awarded this prize

  • We entered into an investment round for rising our first fund

Hexadrive Engineering has been awarded among the winners of the 2020 edition of the VV3TT POC program and for the first time this prize has been assigned to our institute, the University of Padova.

Our Spin-off, partnering with other independent researchers inside the university and combining the transversal competencies, has proposed a novel software methodology, which allows mimicking in real-time electromechanical processes with high fidelity.

We showcased the concrete possibility to deploy the digital twin simulator of an asynchronous electrical machine on embedded hardware and monitor the dynamic of temperatures, during operation, where any sensor can’t be placed due to cost or mechanical issues.

For experimental purposes, we prototyped a rotor with embedded thermal sensors and prepared our software for the real-time tracking of the electromechanical torque and of the temperatures on the stator and rotor.  After a learning phase, the digital model has been optimized and compressed in order to run on the target hardware platform. The initial measurements and the temperature tracking provided in real-time shown promising results!

The project aims to develop a service offering different levels of real-time feedback information, overcoming the hardware limitations, by means of a cloud computing platform. We think that this kind of technology will become critical in order to prevent failure and damages in all unmanned applications, such as autonomous driving systems.


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From now on Hexadrive Engineering will go under the new name of NEWTWEN

Follow the link to be redirected to our newly branded website https://www.newtwen.com/