Acceleration Program in Israel 2020

Accelerate in Israel: opportunity for showcasing our technology and business model


  • Hexadrive Engineering is one of the few selected startups to take part in an acceleration phase in Israel

  • The program is offered by the collaboration between the ICE Agency, the Italian embassy in Tel Aviv, and the state of Israel

  • We are invited for a period of 10 weeks at the TechForGood Accelerator having the opportunity to be engaged in investments rounds with industrial partners

Hexadrive Engineering has been selected among many participants for being part of a start-up acceleration phase offered by the cooperation between the ICE Agency, the italian embassy in Tel Aviv and the state of Israel.

The mission of this award is to strenghten the commercial relationship between the two countries and to allow sinergy between emerging italian start-ups and israelian companies for the fast development of new and disruptive technologies in the industry. 

Our core technology has been awarded by the committee and we have been granted with a 10 weeks period of support and resources in Israel, including several investing rounds with local industrial partners. 

Our main goal during this period will be to determine the business model around our technology and showcase the opportunity offered by our software in leveraging the business of our potential clients. Convince the industrial partners that we are ready to market our product is fundamental.

This is a pivotal chance for Hexadrive Engineering in order to obtain further funds and eventually new partners for financing and supporting the development of the company.


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From now on Hexadrive Engineering will go under the new name of NEWTWEN

Follow the link to be redirected to our newly branded website